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Moodboard: Findlay

Findlay is a new female artist whose début single, ‘Your Sister’, is a full-on embodiment of proper gritty garage rock. You can watch the S&M-style video here (saucy) and download it for free here. Having just finished touring with #1 newcomer Jake Bugg, 2013 is bound to be a good year for this girl. She told us what inspires her in her Moodboard.


 The Velvet Underground – White Light White Heat

I just got back off the road from touring with Jake Bugg, which meant many hours with a shared hangover in the van with my band playing tunes and movies. This song usually gets me in the mood to play a show. Here’s the live version of White Light White Heat by the VU, my favourite band – past, present and future.


Mac DeMarco – Cooking Up Something Good

Been obsessed with this guy’s music. Absolutely gutted I was on tour at the same time as him so I missed his London show. Apparently this song is about his dad cooking meth rocks.


Louis Armstrong – St James Infirmary

One of the best versions of this song ever. EVER. I started listening to Louis really young but only discovered his version of this song in the last year or so and it really gets me to a weird place – a good weird place. My cat Iggy starts purring when I put this song on, so that’s got to be a good sign.


The Growlers

This band are fucking amazing; they’ve had a few albums out but they’ve never toured in the UK, which is such a shame – they’re mental. Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys produced their new album Hung At Heart, but they shelved it and produced it again themselves [due out Jan ’13). This is a track from that album.


My December Playlist [link]

I’ve started a monthly playlist of new and old music on Spotify if anyone’s interested. Here’s a link to my December playlist.



This is the best scene from one of my favourite movies, Deathproof. The soundtrack to this is fucking incredible as well (Tarantino movie, of course). This song by The Coasters goes so well with this girl’s ass and dancing – I fucking love it.


The Castle Hotel, Manchester

I have such a big love for this venue. I used to live on the same street as it in Manchester in the northern quarter, above a fish and chip shop, so this was my local. I played my first ever show there when I was fifteen and did a four month residency there this year with the help of my label Joyeux Anniversaire. It has amazing beer, and an amazing jukebox and vibe.The posters were designed by my very talented, eccentric and stoned friends DR.ME who also did the artwork for ‘Your Sister’ [see header image]. All the current artwork and the video for the single were inspired by my obsession with old stag movies and burlesque. Stay classy, slut.


Iggy Pop Interview

I started doing interviews recently and had to drastically improve my vocabulary, articulate and not say cunt, fuck or shite. I wish all my interviews could go more like this Iggy Pop interview.



The best band documentary of all time. It’s about The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols on tour. Even better than Spinal Tap… “all i’ve ever seen them do is drink liquor and snort drugs.”


‘Song’ by Allen Ginsberg

I always seem to go back to this poem; my favourite line is….

“No rest
Without love,
No sleep
Without dreams
Of love–
Be mad or chill
Obsessed with angels
Or machines”

Read the full poem here.


-Bronya Francis

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