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Win One Day & One Night in London

We’ve talked about how Sennheiser are promoting their new Amperior headphones before.  The product itself is high quality and meant to transfer the audiophile experience of their headphones lauded by DJs all over into something you can take with you on the streets.

Now, on top of having DJs tell us how much they love Sennheiser’s product, the company is doing a raffle and competition.  There are a lot of prizes to be won, including 10 separate Amperior headphones, but the top prize is bound to interest anyone into going out on the weekends.

The raffle isn’t simply “Check this box” though; it’s a lot more interesting than that.  Sennheiser is asking people to name their favorite clubs and list experiences (maybe even with some photos) that say why that club is one of the best.  They’ll compile this info in order to make a “word on the street” map.

So for all of you that go out at all and have one place that you know deserves to be checked out, tell Sennheiser why and you could win the big prize: a night out with DJ Bob Sinclar.  You’ll get a meal in an upscale London restaurant and VIP access to the hottest clubs.  Also, of course, you’ll get some Amperior headphones and Sinclar’s new album.

Sign up here.


Alex Gladwin

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