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Ben Sherman’s A-Z of Christmas

Christmas-wear can be a bit difficult to pull off.  You want to be festive and engaging but not garish.  Personally, I tend to throw all care to the wind and find whatever ugly Christmas sweaters I can find.

But maybe this Christmas, I can find the true meaning of Christmas clothing.  Now, while this might sound like the makings of the worst Christmas special ever, I have good news: menswear brand Ben Sherman has created an A-Z for Christmas, like a fashionable advent calendar.  Each letter is dedicated to a different article or accessory, including G: a Gold bow tie, S: (stylishly patterned) Socks, and perhaps the best use of the estranged-alphabetical-cousin X: Xylems. I’ll let you read about that one yourselves.

One that I particularly love, though, is their selection for the letter K: Knitwear. Perhaps this year, I might change up my Christmas Sweater budget to catch some of the impressive suggestions Ben Sherman offer in their line of jumpers.  There are monochrome, beautifully patterned heavy cable knits, wool shirt cardigans, v-neck argyle sweaters (a personal favorite of mine), and a whole lot more.  The styles are that proper mix of enticing but not gaudy, and inject some taste and subtlety into the presents forever famed as the dreaded gift from relatives (well, by everyone besides me, it would appear).  With some of the other suggestions from this guide, I might just be able to mix my love for argyle and Christmas sweaters with a bit of visual decency.

And that, as no Christmas movie ever will tell you, is the true meaning of Christmas.

Alex Gladwin

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