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When you walk into an Aesop store you feel like you’ve just entered into a skincare laboratory. Brown bottles full of potions fill the walls, and there is even a huge vintage sink- ready to test products out in.

Based on botanicals and science, Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1987. And although having grown into a large, successful and international company since- Aesop hasn’t lost it’s personable side. Each store feels like a locally owned boutique, with all the quirks and kindness included.

I visited the Soho branch and felt totally at home having products hand picked for me, and then tested out on my hands in the sink- being recommended amounts of each product to use. And this is no star treatment, the staff who work in each store are happy to help anyone find suitable products for their skin- and know so much about the products you could sit their all day being amazed by all the magical ingredients.

I was recommended the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser whose creamy texture gently removes make up, Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum- which is a miracle to my combination skin which loves serum but hates oil (seriously recommended!), B&Tea Balancing Toner which keeps my skin in the happy medium between dry and oily, and finally for an every once in a while treat- the Fabulous Face Oil that detoxifies patchy skin to leave a smooth finish.

So why not pop to your nearest Aesop store and see what they have to offer you? Or at the very least test a couple of products in the sink…

Plus, Aesop is offering complimentary shipping until the 16th December- perfect for Christmas present deliveries!


Words and photography: Emma Hoareau

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