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Lucy Folk and Yukimi’s “Bento”

Lucy Folk: Australian Jeweler.  She’s known for high-quality jewelry, a style that mixes style and personality.  That latter term is the key in her recent team up with Swedish/Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano, who is a part of electronic group Little Dragon.  The collaboration has resulted in a new Folk line called “Bento” which, as the name implies, has a little bit to do with food.

Yukimi mixes her memories of food from her childhood with Folk’s designs to create pieces named after foods.  For example, there are bands sprinkled with silver and gold sesame seeds, akin to the foods Yukimi would sprinkle the seeds on.  The idea is clever and carried out in full to create a wide spectrum of products.

To promote this line, Antoine Wagner directed a fashion video that represents the visual beauty of this collection.  Starting with white-washed walls and clothing and eventually having the colors dominant in the various products take over, this video shows how the aesthetic of “Bento” can bring a bit of colour to our style.

Check out the video here:



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