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BBC’s Sound of 2013

Each year, BBC News compiles a list of rising bands and artists.  213 UK critics, bloggers, DJs, etc. name their three new faves and BBC reveals the five winners of a longlist over the course of five days starting on New Year’s Eve.  This event is huge as it has consistently pinpointed artists that have made it big, including Adele and Ellie Goulding.

For Sound of 2013, BBC has just released the longlist.  This stage of the event, always provoking a lot of conversation and controversy, will lead to a lot of excited chatter about who will win.  The list is impressive and exciting, and include the likes of King Krule, AlunaGeorge, HAIM, Peace, and Arlissa.

British singer/songwriter/producer King Krule has made waves for creating really solid music at the ripe age of seventeen.  AlunaGeorge and HAIM represent the wide contrast of the list, as the former is a mix of R&B and electronica, while the latter is more of an old-school pop group.  Indie group Peace has really been hitting it big with their celebrated Birmingham rock aesthetic.

But Arlissa, the 20-year-old from South London, is definitely a Notion favorite.  She’s recently worked with the likes of Nas and was featured in Notion Magazine.  If BBC wants a guaranteed rising star, they’ve definitely found her.

The winners will be revealed soon, but you should keep tabs on all the bands mentioned on the list, as it’s likely that you’ll be hearing a lot more from several of them in the upcoming year.

Alex Gladwin

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