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New Track: “Lady Colour” by Troumaca

Troumaca are a fine example of the massive range of music coming from Birmingham these days.  This group is carefully nudging their way out of the mass influx of bands, though, thanks to the unique flavour of their music.  Their tracks have a distinctly British taste, but they also mix everything from electronica to R&B, with more than a slight hint of reggae.  Their tendency to infuse drum-kit samples with melodic pianos, all backing a low-pitch, smooth singer, creates an entrancing sound that both invokes old radio hits and new indie hooks.

Their track “Lady Colour”, which is to appear on their upcoming January debut Virgin Island EP, is a solid representative of their style.  The verses have persistent rhythm and sustained lyrics, marrying to create a catchy and upbeat sound.  The choruses take a step back and cut out the extra instrumentals, creating a contrast that sets the song above what might otherwise have lacked a sense of cohesion.

If “Lady Colour” is at all representative of what we can expect from the Virgin Island EP, then Troumaca is likely to become an increasingly familiar name in 2013.

Alex Gladwin

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