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New Track: Fiction – “Museum”

London group Fiction mixes some 80s style lyrics and ambiance with Vampire Weekend’s energetic guitar pickings.  The result is halfway between indie rock and pop, and that is a delightful halfway indeed.  With their upcoming album The Big Other due in March, they’ve released their single “Museum”.

While the sound I described above is true of a lot of their songs, it’s particularly effective in “Museum”.  There’s a dance rhythm/tempo thanks to the drums and guitar, but there’s also a sense that this would work perfectly in a John Hughes movie (which, to me, is a very very good thing).  The lyrics are completely singable and they give the song a chance to breath, with the words echoing out over the steady instrumentals.

The video maintains the free-flowing form of the lyrics with its animated searching camera, which captures various objects sprawling about in the surroundings.  The aesthetic is also a bit reminiscent of 80s computer culture, and an interesting take on this song.  Check out the video below and grab the track on iTunes:

Alex Gladwin

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