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Tips For 2013 Advent #11: Amplify Dot

We like to think ourselves as early adopters here at PlanetNotion. That’s marketing speak for people who know about cool shit before you do, so we can let you know if and when it’s gonna blow up as soon as possible.

Amplify Dot is a female MC we think will do pretty well this year, having just been signed by Virgin EMI – but her first single’s not out until next year. However, due to her involvement in the UK hip hop scene from a young age, the urban underground has kept her as a hidden treasure for quite a while now. She hooks up with some sick artists as well – earlier this year, she released ‘Rock The Mic‘ as part of the super crew UK Female Allstars, along with MCs like Baby Blue and Mz Bratt. Dot’s also done stuff with Ms Dynamite and Kano; she’s obviously a key citizen of the British underground scene already, and signing with a major shows she’s ready to hit the charts.

You can download her brand new Spare Parts mixtape from Amplify Dot’s Facebook page.

Odds Of Getting To #1: 2013 is all about artist development with Amp Dot, but we kind of see her as a female Dizzee – which means that chart success could be well on its way in a year’s time.

Official Website: http://www.amplifydot.co.uk

-Bronya Francis

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