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Premier: Herbert – “You Saw It All” (DJ Koze Remix)

Herbert is a name that doesn’t really need an introduction, but to say that he is a pioneer of electronic music is a good place to start.  He innovated the idea of using real sounds and incorporating them into music.    Hell, we just posted recently about the celebration of his 2001 album Bodily Functions.  In that same post we mentioned some of the remixes coming up, among them DJ Koze‘s remix of “You Saw It All”.

Well, we’re now lucky enough to premier that track for your listening pleasure.  While the original track was quite long at 7 minutes and had a very calm demeanor with a steady pulse, Koze’s is something entirely different.  Herbert went for the electronic style, but DJ Koze, oddly enough, goes for a much more pop-centered method.  There are hints of jazz; the lyrics feel much more present; despite being shorter, it feels more like an effective slow burn.

Basically, the remix is made into something entirely different, and it’s all the better for it. This track is notably rooted in the things that made Herbert’s songs so great, but there’s something here that makes this a worthwhile remix rather than just a reworking for people that know every note of the original by heart.  This is a remix well worth the listen of the initiated and the not, and if the rest of the remixes are going to be this good, then there’s definitely cause for celebration.