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Tips For 2013 Advent #14: Milo Greene

We were told about Milo Greene a couple of months ago, and on hearing they sound like Fleetwood Mac we had to give them a listen. And the comparison is valid – the crux of their début album is made from female and male vocal harmonies mixed with traditional, mellow five-piece band instrumentals played through a sun-kissed filter (cos they’re from LA). The whole album is pretty much headphone or background music, but never bores as releases in the same sort of category can do – and this is due to the flexibility of vocal parts that can skip from multiple harmonies to solo male or female vocal lines.

Odds of getting to #1: Seeing that even the harsh critic that is Paul Lester is into this band (“Watch them skyfall into the American charts,” he said), we reckon their tunes will be rife on daytime radio. The lazy link between these guys and Mumford & Sons will be made by many, but Milo Greene are in a whole different league. They may be one of the few five-piece bands to creep into the top twenty in 2013.

Official Website: http://www.milogreene.com/

-Bronya Francis

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