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Tips For 2013 Advent #15: Smiler

Smiler is a staple player in the UK hip hop scene, having started dabbling in music around 2005. His inspiring amounts of ambition and articulacy (demonstrated in this Freshly Squeezed interview) make him incredibly likable  unlike other artists he’s likely to be clumped with (e.g. Example, Pro Green). His single from earlier this year, ‘Top Of The World’ – which just so happens to feature the Professor – is packed with bombastic beats and the optimistic, inspirational lyrics that are often spat in US chart-toppers but spares the boasting about expensive brandy and big bums; “Sell out? Never,” says Smiler. His other tracks are equally as heavy and brilliant – they feature artists like Lana Del Rey, Wretch 32 and Bigz. Smiler is the real deal.

Odds of getting to #1: History has proven that the proper MC sound doesn’t really go very far past 1Xtra or SBTV – artists like him often sell out by mixing their urban sound with a dance production, guaranteeing chart sales. However, with the breakthrough success of Plan B’s Ill Manors, it may well be that Smiler can stay true to his word – that is, to not sell out – and still creep into the top 20.

Official Website: http://smilermusic.com/

-Bronya Francis

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