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Issue 61 New Music: Nina Nesbitt

You might recognise this fluffy blonde-haired girl from a fluffy ginger-haired boy’s music video for a song called ‘Drunk’. Nina Nesbitt made a cameo appearance as Ed Sheeran’s love interest as he got inebriated with his cat and recalled flashbacks of his ex-girlfriend. Sheeran also personally invited the half-Swedish, half-Scottish singer songwriter to support on his European tour. Despite being only 18 years old, Nina has opened shows for Example, topped the iTunes charts and played at some of the biggest music festivals. “I just love travelling about and seeing different places, and obviously I’m quite young so it’s the same if someone took a gap year and went around the world, and I get to do the same in my job,” says Nina matter-of-factly from a terrible signal whilst she stops off to get some breakfast, in the midst of her Scottish tour, at a small town called Keith.

Nina’s music career, like many of other artists now, began in her bedroom; “I used to write short stories when I was about seven, like imaginative stories. Then then they turned into songs, I guess. I picked up keyboard when I was ten, and then I picked up guitar a few years ago.” The first ever short story she wrote was about her cat who became a footballer.

To some she may just be another Laura Marling, or a few steps behind Lucy Rose, but Nina’s songs capture an innocence that her contemporaries can’t, as she sings about a ‘Boy’ and ‘The Apple Tree’ in songs that could make even the oldest cynic beam with nostalgia.

With a debut album still in works, fans have been only treated with live performances and music videos; however, she seems to be well prepared with thirty songs already written. And with an army-strong fan base in the UK, big beautiful blonde locks and a sweet folk charm, what else do you need? A full-length record, I guess, which is promised for early next year.

-Jojo Khor

Also in Notion Magazine Issue 61. Read online here.

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