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BEAUTIFY: Skin Transformation with SK-II

New Year, new you. Or is that a bit too cheesy?

Perhaps, but I’m afraid it’s going to be the case once you discover SK-II‘s new Ultimate Perfecting Essence.

SK-II have a skincare philosophy: it’s about quality, not quantity. Meaning that you only need one quality product to have perfect skin, not a cupboard full of multiple products (ahem, guilty there, I’m afraid). What we need to learn (I’m taking note, here) is that overloading the skin with products does not help at all- in fact, it clogs the skin. Therefore, actually having fewer steps in your skincare regime could be more effective in achieving the crystal clear skin we’ve always dreamed of.

That’s why SK-II have created their new LXP Ultimate Perfecting Series which is engineered to promote a vibrant cycle of skin energy. Our favourite from the series is the newly released Ultimate Perfecting Essence, which is full of exclusive ingredients including the Highest Concentrated Pitera and Golden Regenerating Complex with Centella Essence. This magical seeming essence is the easiest way to have velvet smooth, firm, radiant, wrinkle resilient, deeply hydrated and evenly translucent skin.

Perfect skin in 2013- here we come!



Photography and words: Emma Hoareau

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