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Guest Playlist: Blood Red Shoes

Ahead of their new EP Water dropping next week, we got Brighton garage rock duo Blood Red Shoes to compile a playlist of the tunes that sustained them – and got them riled up – while recording Water in Texas last year.

It’s an unsurprisingly stormy affair; one that veers from the suffocatingly airtight guitars of Nirvana’s ‘Oh, the Guilt’ and the dirge-at-200-bpm nastiness that is Rolo Tomassi’s ‘The Scales of Balance’, through the turbulent and tumultuous crescendos of Sonic Youth’s ‘Dirty Boots’ and the foreboding, urban spaces of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’. The influences present on Blood Red Shoes’ playlist go a long way to explaining the duo’s furious and fuzzy mountains of sound. So, dive on in below but don’t say we didn’t warn you…

- Alex Cull

NB: Water – Blood Red Shoes’ new EP is out January 21 via V2 in a limited pressing on red vinyl, as well as on iTunes for the digitally-inclined.

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