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Preview – Herbert’s comprehensive collection “Herbert Complete”

Further to our piece on his celebrated album “Bodily Functions”, we at Notion are thrilled to have two more nuggets of delight to share with you in anticipation of the release of Matthew Herbert’s box set “Herbert Complete”. With a track listing in excess of 130 songs, spanning over a decade, this is the comprehensive collection of his music from a man whose talents span into producing, remixing and manifesto writing. Perceived as the father of electronic music, this is one not to miss. In addition to some of his best known tracks, the record features songs that have drifted into relative obscurity and are now rarely available. We are eagerly hoping to add to our list of our favourite Herbert tracks, and the two below are a perfect place to start!


Check out Herbert’s “Suddenly”, re-released to mark the occasion of his complete set:


And the video for the exquisite “Foreign Bodies”:

“Herbert Complete” is released by Accidental Records on Monday March 4th.

- Allana Isaacs

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