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#LCM AW13 Report Day 1

Header image: (left-right) Orlebar Brown, Fashion East, TOPMAN

We haven’t exactly been prompt in getting our daily reports from LCM online and into your hands, we were just having too much fun. But trust me it will be worth the wait. Emma gives us the inside scoop on Day 1.

Day 1 of anything is always fun. You’re seeing who’s around, judging catwalk spaces and other people’s clothes- right? It’s basically like first day back at school- there’s people you haven’t seen since last fashion week (and won’t see again till the next), there’s free champagne to drink (hangover free, today!) oh, and some actual work to do…

Since we focused so much on our social media this season, I’m going to tell the tale through instagram. Really new and novel and up to date on technology, aren’t I?

(left & centre): Orlebar Brown; (right): Fashion East

Day 1 began with a lovely trip to the Orlebar Brown presentation. The theme was Miami. There was a video of vintage Miami footage screened on the wall- from underwater boys to sunbathing poolside babes. There was also a photobox. We played and drank juice. We commented on the great patterns used in the collection this season.

We then shot to outer space for Bobby Abley’s UFO themed presentation at Fashion East. Aliens are IN.


We then headed to our first catwalk of the day at TOPMAN‘s show space, where we were dazzled with orange, knits and socks and sandals (they worked).

(left-right): Lee Roach, Astrid Anderson, Agi and Sam

Lee Roach came next in the form of monochromatic looks, including white Chelsea boots and man bags. Oh, and we spotted David Gandy front row (and finally took a picture). Tinie Tempah was there too. They were both everywhere, though.

The Old Sorting Office was our next venue for the MAN show. Gangsta love from Astrid Anderson. Traditional English looks from Agi and Sam- even a couple dogs on the catwalk to really make the point. Men with beards are IN. Especially slightly older ones. The Agi and Sam show even included an older gentleman who everyone dubbed ‘Santa’. Amazing.

(left & centre): Craig Green; (right): Richard Nicoll

For the finale of MAN Craig Green gave us more monochrome- in fact he told us later- outfits that were ‘shadows’ of each other- exact replicas of the same outfits in white, black and the odd navy set. Oh and the models were painted black and had broken fences on your face- ya know, fashun.

At this point we mad a quick dive into St Martin’s Lane, where suite 107 had been gloriously transformed into a drop-in bloggers haven, complete with food, water and a ‘get in and never get out again’ bed. Suffice to say we made many a pitstop here over the new few days.

Moving on, a backstage pass to Richard Nicoll was next up, where we spied more hair being slicked back and tried to linger purposefully for as long as we could taking photos, chatting to make up artists and models… Then it was back to front of house for the show (via some popcorn from Apartment 8 and Vita Coco from the bar). More orange a la jail break, patterned trousers and silver linings on luscious grey coats.


After that, it was finally time for some champagne. The Hackett show was at 8pm after all! What a venue for the show- St Paul’s cathedral was the perfect dramatic backdrop to a classic, tailoring savvy show which finished with Erin O’Connor in a tux. The perfect end to a perfect first day.

- Emma Hoareau

Images from Catwalking.com

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