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BEAUTIFY: Herbal Skincare (that’s good)

Oscar de la Renta once said ‘Style begins by looking good naked.’ And I would now like to say -for the record- ‘Flawless make-up begins with good skincare.’ In other words, if your skin looks great anyway then it’s going to be a whole lot easier putting make up on. I’ll bring you the make-up next week, and focus on the skincare now.

A golden rule in skincare is to use products that are full of vitamins and herbs that actually activate the vitality for your skin instead of covering it to the point of suffocation. Skin that can’t breathe get cloggy, clogs means breakouts. Which, obviously equals bad skin.

I’ve found two of the best skincare brands and tested their top products to see what all the fuss is about.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a brand that has built itself on the basis of being more natural and less synthetic. It’s organic products are renown for their soft and delicate take on skincare. Their Frankincense Hydrating Cream daily moisturiser is enhanced by the rejuvenating properties of frankincense and myrrh (see: three wise men- with good skin?) that reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst keeping the skin feeling soft and fresh. It’s also packed with nutrient-rich plant oils and herbal extracts that add that extra luxury moisturisation for up to 12 hours.

Next we look to model favourite Dr Hauschka for his Rose Day Cream that, as the name suggests, is full of Rose oil and wild Rose hip extract (oh, and 1,075 organic Rose petals per tube) that envelop the skin with a protective nurturing film (great for keeping out city pollution.) The miracle of the rose is that just as it looks delicate, it also helps delicate and sensitive skin by soothing redness and strengthening the skin. It’s quite obvious for all of these reasons that it has been crowned the ‘People’s Hero’ 2013 by Dr Hauschka consumers.

Now you’ve got no excuse to not have the perfect, dewy skin you’ve always lusted after!


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