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Interview: An Escape Plan release ‘Living Together’ EP

Somewhere in Northampton over Christmas, An Escape Plan were finishing their debut record. Having previously been in bands that include The All New Adventures Of Us and Maps, there was maybe a feeling of just wanting to ‘do something’ for it’s members, as the album had been unveiled exclusively to fans by Christmas Eve. Cut to three weeks later and they’re already confirmed to soundtrack the new IKEA advert, which is currently running, with a handsomely evocative version of The Bee Gee’s 1979 tune ‘Living Together’. It’s part of an EP of the same title, which is also out now. While you go get it, here’s some more words from them about being on your telly.
PlanetNotion: How did the Ikea advert come about, pretty big news for a new band.
An Escape Plan: The advert came as a result of good timing and beautiful synchronicity, as well as an element of opportunism. Our music video ‘Ghosts’, along with the then upcoming release of our record Songs of Scarecrows meant that our music ended up in the right ears at the right time. The brief itself was all very last minute and unexpected, but once we were asked it was up to us to deliver. 48 hours later we had arranged, recorded and mixed what is now ‘Living Together’. They loved it. We felt happy.

PN: Are you worried about being thought of as “those guys from the advert”?
AEP: Only as much as IKEA are worried about being thought of as the video clip to An Escape Plan. So no, we are proud of the track, and the video is stunning. IKEA have a history of using new and unknown music on their campaigns, they are supporting new artists in an industry that offers more challenges than opportunities. We are very happy to be part of what they do for music. Whether we like it or not, the music industry is being redefined. Whilst upholding strong values is important, so is avoiding pointless cynicism.

PN: Did you have any creative input into the advert itself?
AEP: I believe the video was shot to the track rather than the music being an after thought. There are moments where the actors sing with us and the intro piano is significant. So I think we influenced the final cuts, but not the concept, they made a beautiful piece of film.

PN: The record is already out, was there ever a feeling to pull the breaks on once you knew you’d be in millions of front rooms?
AEP: No. We spent a long time on the record and we are hugely pleased with the body of work as a completed thing. We had a roadmap for release and wanted to deliver it for Christmas. The IKEA ad came out the blue as we were launching Songs of Scarecrows. The release happened whilst we were working on this. They were always very separate focuses that have crossed paths, hopefully in a way that will give more people access to our music.

PN: How do you think being on the advert will effect the way people approach your music, or the album especially?
AEP: Hopefully it provides more people visibility to what we have produced together, before the advert. Exposure like this not a bad thing and we won’t regret being part of a brand campaign. We were chosen for our sound, so if you like it, check out the album!

Check out their advert below:

-Allana Isaacs

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