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Interview: Adi Ulmansky – Tel Aviv’s pop princess

While we’ve all had our ears tuned to London sink estates for the next deep house super-producer, over in Israel they’ve been concentrating on keeping the electro-pop dream alive. The Tel Aviv postergirl for these hyper sounds is Adi Ulmansky, a neon-haired, super-kawaii style producer and singer. She’s just released a new mixtape, Shit Just Got Real, and now she’s premiering a new video… Right here on Planet Notion! Before you enjoy the *world premiere’ of One Octave Up, take five minutes to find out more about the gorgeous singer, her inimitable sense of style and why Israel is so hot right now.

PlanetNotion: How important is image to you?
Adi Ulmansky: Image is as important as the music itself! It is another way of expressing myself, really. I like combining all the elements I have in mind together – both musically and visually. If you look at my photos, music videos and even the art I got for my mixtape – you can see I don’t underestimate it at all.. it all have to represent my artistic – futuristic – half fantasy world:)

PN: How much input do you have in to your style?
AU: I really know what I like, and I’ve created a very specific image/style for myself. I follow a lot of magazines and blogs, and really try to keep up with what’s up-to-date and find the things I like. It is important to me to have a saying in how I look, and not only in how I sound.

PN: Do you have a stylist?
AU: When it comes to working with stylists and such, it is always an extra effort to try and explain exactly who I am and what works for me, but I like working with others – it sometimes gives me new ideas too. But if I could choose – I would usually do all the styling for myself.

PN: Are there any artists making waves in Israel that we should check out?
AU: There are a few Israeli bands that I really like and appreciate. I think my favorite one is 3421, they are a duo and they’re doing some kind of a live electronic hardcore-dubstep thing. really aggressive but with very nice and chilled vocals. I love it. Another amazing Israeli artist I like is Miss Red which is an amazing girl that produces and sings and she’s doing a lot of electronic cool stuff. She kind of reminds me of the song Major Lazer did with Amber.

PN: Can you tell us about the video for One Octave Up?
AU: I decided to take the opportunity and do all the styling myself, and also decided to direct it myself with a friend of mine (Ori Sinai). It was so much fun to build a concept from what I had in mind with the styling! This one was really influenced by anime and Japanese culture. I can’t wait to release it already – I love the result we got!

Check out – and download – Adi Ulmansky’s mixtape, Shit Just Got Real, on her Soundcloud page
And why not tell her how much you love her at @adiulmansky … We have already! :-)

- Kara Simsek

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