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News: River Island announces Georgia Hardinge for SS13

River Island’s Design Forum returns for SS13, giving young designers a huge springboard into the fashion industry, reaching millions of consumers they otherwise could not access and instantly raising brand awareness.  Exciting enough news, but this gets about one hundred times more exciting when we reveal to you that Georgia Hardinge is the young designer who will take part in this collaboration.

Georgia has designed 14 pieces for the collection from which she has taken inspiration from the Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor H.R.Giger (who also worked on the special effects team for ‘Alien’). With this in mind, you can expect the pieces to be a little to the side of mainstream. Attempting to emulate Giger’s 2D sense of movement and form in 3D, Georgia’s pieces focus on form and silhouette, with a sense of sculptural and structural gravity to their composition on top of the body. This sense of architecture is juxtaposed with loose flowing fabrics giving the pieces a real individual quality. The colour palette is predominantly monochromatic and while there are some prints involved, the focus of each piece is on Georgia’s distinctive tailoring.

With fashion week just around the corner, Georgia’s collection is due to make its debut via a short film created and directed by film maker Alex Turvey at the Fash/ On Film event. The details are being kept strictly under wraps for the time being, but we do know that the collection includes a sleek printed maxi skirt with a matching top, and the neoprene structured hip dress which features below is a limited edition piece created for the video and will be auctioned for charity. The collection will be available to buy in stores at the beginning of April – the perfect stand out piece for that summer event.

- Allana Isaacs

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