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Moodboard: Coves

Incomparable duo Coves have already confirmed themselves as Notion favourites, featuring in our new music expose in Notion 61. Taking this as their springboard they have leapt effortlessly to greater heights, with their latest single being released next month, and a tour supporting duo Dutch Uncles. They let us know what helps to make them make great music.

Andy Warhol


Rebekah: It’s not just Andy Warhol, it’s the whole factory life style, the freedom element and the passion to be what ever you wanted and to be who you want, with out being judged.

The Korg Mono/Poly


John: My Korg Monopoly…used on every recording I do. Half the keys don’t work, all the pots are crackly, you can NEVER make it create the same sound twice but it always sounds amazing. It’s a little machine of happy accidents and can completely re-write a song with one line. My favourite instrument EVER and one I can never ‘learn’.

Edie Sedgwick


Rebekah: She is a massive icon in my world – her ability to be as free as she wanted and feel like a bird with nothing under her but liberty. Her drive and passion for the things she wanted in life is inspirational, obviously she didn’t get her happy ending.

Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire De Melody Nelson


John: I don’t really like Serge Gainsbourg, he freaks me out, he sounds like a dirty old man touching up girls in a probably locked studio. However, my friend Tim played me this album a while back, full volume on our studios speakers and it blew me away… the production is so dry but warm…the band are INCREDIBLE…as a musician it is a real lesson in ‘less is more’…in places it’s so sparse, but then there’s a little flurry on the high hat or a crazy bass run that just totally gets you off…you just have to block out Serge ‘getting off’ in his own way.



Rebekah: Why would you not want to be anything else? You get your fakes and your wannabes but you will never last in life. Be yourself and you will travel as far as your passion will take you.

Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain, Andy Roberts


John: I grew up listening to so many albums passed down to me by my parents that were heavily inspired by the stuff and I became obsessed by it from an early age…after a brief dabble as I youth I quickly realised that as a user the cons heavily out way the pros. However, I have always been very interested in its influence in on music, film and society in general. This book really opened my eyes into quite how big its’ impact has been.

Almost Famous (2001)


Rebekah: This is not because it’s about being in a band, this is one of my favourite films (long before I joined COVES) I love everything about this film, if you haven’t seen it.. do. The way it’s set and the era – it just screams happiness to me. If I could get warped into a movie this would be it, or if I would live my life like this film, I would do it in a heartbeat.

The Everly Brothers


John: Prob one of the least cool bands to come from the 60s… I don’t care…to me the harmonies are perfect, the reverb is perfect, the guitars are perfect…it’s all so perfect that it ends up sounding eerie as fuck… I’ve always loved them since being young, but always imagined it sound tracking a horrific scene.

And now a treat for your ears as well as your eyes…

‘Last Desire’ is out on March 18th (via 1965 Records):

‘Wicked Game’ (Coves’ take on the Chris Isaak classic) is the current no 1 on the Hype M chart:

- Allana Isaacs

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