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Joe Brummell #55 – Norfolk Beard Oil

If you watched the BAFTA’s at the weekend you’ll have heard Stephen Fry joking about the number of beards in attendance. From George Clooney’s immaculate silver beard to Ben Affleck’s new bushy number it would appear that the beard is now completely ubiquitous. It’s been several years in the making but what we are seeing now is a tidal shift in shaving habits. Shaving isn’t particularly good for your skin, and years of razor abuse can have an adverse effect on your complexion. It’s also a pretty expensive habit, from razors to shaving gels and post-shave healers, beards are a much more frugal choice. So for anyone still on the fence about growing their own beard, now really is the time.

A few cautionary words – growing a beard is not a simple matter of just stopping shaving. Beards need maintenance too. Beard hair is coarser than the hair on your head and can leave the skin underneath itchy and irritated. To combat this, the good folk at Norfolk Beard Oil offer a refined blend of rare oils, herbs and plant extracts for the discerning beard owner. Beard oil will soften the hair, fragrance the beard, soothe the skin underneath. So why not trade in your entire shaving kit for this one essential beard product?


Norfolk Beard Oil’s come in four different blends which reflect the four key male archetypes: King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. It’s really up to you how you categorise yourself but each variety comes in an old fashioned corked bottle in a box full of wood shavings, which is a lot more stylish that a tin of shaving foam or a disposable plastic razor. For best results pour a few drops into one hand then warm between the palms and smooth through the beard from roots to tips. Using your fingers or a beard comb, shape the beard or comb into place. Try it, we guarantee you’ll never want to shave again.

- Warren Beckett

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