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Video: The Flight – Hangman

As we make quantum leaps further and further into a digital age that’s seeing the idea of the album as a conceptual work of art hacked apart by MP3 singles and the ability to download individual tracks as you please, it’s always refreshing to see an act tying their music together with an intriguing cross-song narrative.

This is exactly what you get with East London duo The Flight. Their forthcoming Hangman EP is a contemporary re-imagining of the folk song ‘Pretty Polly‘ that, across the course of its four tracks, tells the tale of a young girl enticed into a nearby forest who finds herself in a shallow grave. Grisly stuff, but fascinating in a morbid way nonetheless.

Below, you can check out the paper-cutting nightmare that is the video for the EP’s title track; it conjures up an eerie and foreboding sound recalling the darkest moments of Radiohead, The Antlers and The Neighbourhood.

- Alex Cull

The Hangman EP is released March 10.

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