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BEAUTIFY: Prime Mates

I always used to hear so many things about primers and think- pfff! why would you need another moisturiser under your make up?. Lately however, I realised my mistake. Primers add that extra shine to your make up that is usually described as ‘dewy’, plus it helps your foundation stay on for a whole lot longer. Primers do all that whilst protecting and smoothing your skin. I now see it’s ludicrous not to use one.

Many experts describe using a primer just as one would for a canvas or a wall. The primers helps bond the top coat (in our case, the foundation) to the object that is being painted- it is used for longevity, and to help colour stay bright. And that’s just what it does for your face (in a less industrial manner, of course).


The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is the best for this as the vitamin rich creamy gel feels light on the skin and once worn for a day- your hooked. Skin is bright, foundation is present and I have a certain radiance to my skin. Sold.


Dermalogica’s Skin Perfect Primer contains SPF 30, which as we all know is vital to wear everyday. But don’t think your going to be smelling of suncream and have a sticky face, quite the opposite- this primer contains powerful peptides which stimulate our natural collagen production. It’s sun protecting, naturally anti-ageing and keeps your make up smooth all day. Winning.


DHC fuses it’s Japanese heritage and ancient beauty secrets with the natural benefits of olive oil- which is the foundation of it’s skincare range. The DHC Velvet Skin Coat primer absorbs excess oil on the skin to encourage longer lasting wear for foundation. The transparent silicone gel also temporarily fills in lines and bumps in the skin to give you an overall smooth, even skin tone. It gives you a great matt, and super soft complexion.

Do we all agree that primers aren’t useless anymore? I hope so!


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, £28

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30, £37.50

DHC Velvet Skin Coat, 15g, £17


Seen here with Fortnum & Mason Candle from the Amber Rose bath, body and home fragrance collection.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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