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BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

From our beauty team comes the new Beautify installment: Products of the Week. Letting you know which products are on our wish-lists each week and keeping you up to date with new launches.

This week is about skincare. It seems we can’t get enough of the newest beauty craze here at Notion. Good skin is the beginning of all beauty- so listen up.


First up is the newly launched Renew 7 Detox from Gatineau. When we heard it turned your skin from dull to fresh in seven days we knew it was one to try. The 7 day cure is an intense detoxifying serum that introduces two new and highly innovative booster serums that resurface the skin. It’s the smoothness and radiance of our skin that hints at our age- and Gatineau’s aim is to stimulate the cell renewal of our skin by pumping it full of vitamins, seaweed and sesame extracts to infuse moisture and plump the skin. We tried, we liked.


You know all those ‘miracle’ green juices you’ve been seeing in celebrities hands recently? The one ingredient in them that is so important for the skin and hair is chlorophyll- a green pigment found in the chloroplasts of algae and plants. It’s an entirely natural algae which due to it’s combination of nutrients and amino acid is linked to healthy skin, hair and nails. Sun Chlorella have cleverly turned chlorophyll into an easy to take supplement that you can take throughout the day. Having trialed this 60% plant protein for the past two weeks- there’s only good things to say. Skin is brighter, nails don’t chip and hair is glossy. Not to mention sleeping is sounder than ever.


Our favourite doctor, Dr Jart, and his dermatological cosmetic brand bring us our next favourite product for this week. The Water Sure Gel from the Most Moist range is a refreshing water gel cream that soothes irritated dry skin for a prolonged period- lifting the skin and boosting skin elasticity.


If you’re into your natural skincare, Yves Rocher has got just the thing for you. Nutritive Végétal is a botanical beauty innovation due to it’s nourishing ash tree concentrate- plus it doesn’t use any colourings or parabens. The 24HR Comfort Nourishing Cream is full of macadamia oil, shea butter and organically grown witch hazel; some concoction. Plus it’s got the signature Ash Tree sap (which is the vital ingredient in this whole range) which activates lipid production – the skin’s own nutritional mechanism. Therefore it doesn’t just cover you skin in goodness, it activates the skin’s own goodness that is waiting to come out. For all that, it is priced extremely competitively. This might just be our favourite new day cream.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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