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MPFree: Hauschka – ‘Radar’ (Michael Mayer Remix)

Ahead of FatCat giving Hauschka‘s Salon des Amateurs remixes a full CD release on April 2, we felt the time was right to shine a light on one of the most beguiling mixes appearing on the set: Michael Mayer‘s minimal techno reworking of ‘Radar‘.

Kompakt godhead Mayer takes the original’s prepared orchestral flourishes and elongates their evolution, crafting an airy, expansive mix that for all its meandering is set in a state of forward motion by the perpetual synth arpeggios that underpin it. As Salon‘s opening track, it’s a hugely welcoming beginning to proceedings that include remixes from the likes of Matthew Herbert, Ricardo Villalobos and Vladislav Delay, aka Luomo‘s Sasu Ripatti. You can stream or download the track, below:

- Alex Cull

NB: The Salon des Amateurs remixes on CD are available for pre-order now, via FatCat’s online store.

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