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Deap Vally

Review: Deap Vally – Album Sampler

Do you like rock music? ‘Cos these girls do. Yes, they did meet at a needlework class, yes they are technically a girl group, but Deap Vally are no twee Phil-Spector wall-of-sound throwback; they’re more like a solid wall of noise. They have connections with all the right people – Josh Homme, The Vaccines, Muse – before even releasing an album.  Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, as their postman knows them, spew out the kind of high-distortion blues rock that fans of Jack White – and all associated side projects – are sure to find addictive. It’s sexy, it’s raw, it’s intense, even verging on violent – it’s practically the aural equivalent of angry sex with a lingerie model.

That being said, models aren’t necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed – though Troy and Edwards do manage to subtly quote Christopher Marlowe, so hats off to you girls. For the most part, Deap Vally’s lyrics aren’t exactly busting any clichés – ‘Baby I Call Hell’ takes its name from the highly innovative lyric: “What you call love, baby I call hell”.  And, as two skinny, conventionally attractive girls from Califor-ni-ay, they don’t really have the individuality to own the tropishness that is often so integral to blues music, whereas Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes, in contrast, owns every word.

But really, that’s just an aside. These girls are good. Really good. ‘End of the World’ opens with an ominous, droning, guitar riff and, like a Southern States preacher, Troy delivers what is intended to be a clarion call to fight against hatred. A slightly Woodstock-style message, but when an angry Lindsey Troy is howling at you to stop the hate, who is going to have the balls to say no? ‘Your Love’s a Lie’ has all the sultry yet aggressive energy of a Dead Weather number and ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is all about stop-start silence verse noise and is sure to be a stadium sing-along.

All in all, the smart money says that you are going to be hearing a hell of a lot more from these gals, whether you like it or not.

- Kate Travers

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