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News: Boost by Adidas changes running forever

Now I don’t know much about running shoes since every time I try to convince myself that running as a sport is a good idea I end up looking like a cross between Bambi trying to walk and a hyperactive squirrel. I leave serious running to the professionals, the Usain Bolt’s and Mo Farah’s of this world and try to steer clear of it wherever possible. The latest innovation from adidas claims that it will change the future of running forever, given the new innovations in technology that they have implemented in this shoe. The sole seems to filled with polysterene, though I am sure there is a fancier name for it, which provides bounce but is also firm and cushioning under foot. The material is also said to react better to extremes of temperature and so is suitable for use in all conditions all over the world. Well if it’s good enough for Yohann Blake, one of the fastest 100m runners, it’s good enough, if not too good, for us.

- Allana Isaacs

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