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News: Skrillex joins forces with G-Star RAW

An opportunity to ‘do something different and expressive… and experiment artistically’ is how Skrillex describes his latest project: a collaboration with Dutch clothing company G-Star Raw. Always one to be just that little bit different, Skrillex is launching a pair of limited edition unisex jeans using his favourite denim, the G-Star Elwood. Yes, we’re wondering quite how this will work too… The jeans feature blind seams, leather trim at the pockets, a new III logo at the coin and back pockets which plays into Skrillex’s naming of his jeans, the ‘Illwood’. The inside of the denim is printed with Skrillex’s own hand drawn illustrations of deep-sea creatures, which is possibly the best, if most bizarre, aspect of the entire collaboration.


The centre piece of the campaign is the video below; an abstracted discovery of the journey taken from cotton threads to a completed pair of jeans. The individual nature of the film is indicative of the high standards and attention to quality that G-Star is renowned for, and the inclusion of the skeleton dog a nod to their fascination for raw denim in new and unexpected combinations. The music is, of course, a signature track by Skrillex which ebbs and flows with the visuals to perfection.

The limited edition Skrillex Illwood will be available starting 1 March in 15 selected G-Star stores worldwide.

- Allana Isaacs

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