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Video: Jacques Greene presents ‘Vase’

A collaboration between Montreal-based producer Jacques Greene and Londoner Joe Coghill, who was involved with Glasgow’s LuckyMe events, Vase is a cross-media platform for the creative arts whose only requirement is expression and innovation. We recently showcased – in Notion 062 no less – a series of photographs produced by Anglo-Canadian duo Trusst as part of the project. Trusst, who are comprised of Melissa Matos and Andrew Ly, took a plethora of vases that were “made, bought, filled, set on fire, melted and shot with arrows;” in the process, they explored the concept of the vase as a means of life support to its contents, keeping them fresh and contained.

We’re very pleased to now be able to show you the film version of the piece, which goes even further in illuminating the fragile nature of the vase’s fleeting sustenance. Music for the clip is taken from ‘Minnow’, a track by Samoyed that featured on the previous Vase release.

- Alex Cull

For more information, visit the Vase website.

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