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News: Peaches to perform at Sundance London

Ahead of the release of details concerning the films, panel and official programme, Sundance London have announced Peaches as the first headlining act for the second Sundance London film and music festival. As well as live performances, the festival will also host the UK premiere of ‘Peaches Does Herself’. In addition to her work as an often controversial musician and DJ, whose suggestive lyrics focused on constructs of gender and sexuality, ‘Peaches Does Herself’ is her first foray into filmmaking. She has directed and written the film herself, in which she follows the4 advice of an old stripper and goes on to make sexually forthright music. The electro rock opera chronicles Peaches’ rise in popularity and her love affair with a beautiful shemale that ultimately leads her to realise who she really is. An exploration of the same themes that have come to be synonymous with Peaches as an artist, both her performance and the film promise to be an enlightening, and probably quite arrestingly intense, experience.

For more information, including the full programme (when it is announced on March 11th), ticket information etc click here or follow Sundance London on Twitter.

- Allana Isaacs

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