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Video: Lewis Watson – ‘Into the Wild’

Into the Wild‘, the first track unveiled from Lewis Watson‘s forthcoming third EP, The Wild, stands proudly as one of the 20 year-old singer-songwriter’s most fully realised and potent indie-folk songs yet. It’s dominated by hymnal chants, rousing choruses and Watson’s whispered confessionals, all of which spur to life from the impetus of a single, finger-picked guitar figure. Powerful stuff, and with enough of a pop punch to assure it doesn’t get bogged down by its own gravitas:

Liking what you hear? If so, head over to Notion’s online store and pick up a copy of issue 062, which features an in-depth interview with Watson, covering his thoughts on YouTube as a platform for young musicians, his in-the-works debut album and his favourite tour snacks.

- Alex Cull

The Wild is out March 26 via Warner. You can pre-order it, here.

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