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RBMA H?SHTAG$ series – ‘Don’t Call It #TumblrWave’

The influence of technology on today’s music scene is not something to be ignored. Not only has the World Wide Web shaped how we listen to music, it has also changed how we discuss it, and more importantly, how we make it.

Red Bull Music Academy has proved that it has its finger bang on the digital pulse with the recent launch of its latest Youtube series, which charts the success of web-based music. The aptly-named H?SHTAG$ series celebrates the unrivalled force of the internet and explains how it has influenced the evolution and expansion of today’s most current sounds, from #cloudrap to #seapunk, #postdubstep to #advancedpop.

Episode 5 of the mini-documentary series explores the magical microblogging domain of Tumblr and how it has changed the face of the music scene forever. The episode features interviews with the likes of rapper Le1f, Kilo Kish and seapunk founders Zombelle and Ultrademon.

Watch Hashtags Episode 5: ‘Don’t Call It #Tumblrwave’ here:

- Abra Dunsby-Sircana


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