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BOTW Video Premiere: Casimir – ‘Lucid’

With Bristol alt-rockers Casimir as our current BOTW here on PlanetNotion, you can expect all sorts of rhapsodising from us this week on the power of fusing post-rock atmospherics and refined pop songwriting sensibilities. After all, it’s a formula that the four-piece have got down to a tee, and there’s no better example of it than ‘Lucid‘: an indisputable highlight of their recently released debut EP, Not Mathematics.

As such, we’re honoured to bring you the exclusive premiere of the track’s accompanying clip, which features the band tussling their way through what looks like a rather raucous squat party, intersected by moments of morning after regret on the part of frontman Mark Juggins. The soaring guitars and defiantly exclamatory vocals of ‘Lucid”s choruses fit perfectly with the drug-infused romance of the night before; while its more sonically experimental leanings mark the moment when one’s mind begins to lose its course. It’s a video open to multiple interpretations as to just what is going on in Juggins’ mind, but perhaps that’s the point; when lucidity finally returns to us following a period of absence, who’s to say what’s preceded it:

- Alex Cull

Casimir’s Not Mathematics EP is available now on Fear of Fiction. You can pick it up, here.

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