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Introducing: Straw Bear

Front man Ian Ray and a few of his friends make up Cambridgeshire band Straw Bear; an alt-country folk band with a playful psychedelic twist.

Since the release of their ambitious debut album Victims of the Engineers back in 2007, there has been a slow but steady buzz surrounding the band, and 2013 promises to be the year that propels the guys into the mainstream with the release of their acclaimed second album, Black Bank.

The new album is very much a product of its surroundings. Recorded in the ghostly Fenlands of Eastern England, Black Bank is an eclectic mix of delicate acoustics, rasping vocals and soulful melodies. Offering a stronger sense of personality and direction than their first album, Black Bank teems with quirky folksiness and a sense of humour; amongst other things, Straw Bear’s lyrics tell heart-warming tales of London townies and sex mad urban foxes.

Straw Bear’s most recent release is single, Kitty, which received rave reviews following a live session with BBC6’s Tom Robinson. Folk with an intelligent edge, Kitty tells the story of thwarted artistic ambition and dashed daydreams, set to soaring folk-pop and swaying orchestrals.

- Abra Dunsby-Sircana


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