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BEAUTIFY: Hair in black and white

Today we’re focusing on hair products. There’s so much hair care out there that sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming- believe me, to write this piece I had to go through bags of hair products and pick out the good from the bad. To make it easy to understand, they’ve been divided into 4 main sections: Argan Oil, Curls, Dry Shampoo and Styling.

To begin- the importance of Argan Oil: produced in Morocco from the kernels of the Argan tree is valued for its nutritive and medicinal properties- which are of course which it’s so popular in cosmetics, specifically in hair care. Most famously used in abundance in award winning Moroccan Oil – the hair treatment that does it all. The Treatment is a conditioning, styling and finishing tool that helps restore and revive damaged hair. Hair is silky and manageable after just one application. 100ml for £30.45

Dr Organic has recently added the covetable ingredient into their Shampoo and Conditioner to make it an easy way to add this luxurious product into your cleaning regime. £5.99 each for 265ml


The next product comes from Umberto Giannini‘s new FRIZZI range which targets unruly hair- especially in the wet weather we are blessed with in England! One of our favourite products from the range is the Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. The products smoothes, restores, protects and most importantly repels moisture so your hair can stay looking and feeling silky all day long. 125ml for £6.99

Our next point of call is Curls, and the best way to look after them.


Another star product from the Umberto Giannini FRIZZI range is the Make my Day Smoothing Conditioner (and it’s accompaniment Bad Hair Day Smoothing Shampoo) coats the hair and causes cuticles to lie flat, which means smooth hair from root to tip. £5.29 each for 250ml.

If you’re looking for something to control and define curls- TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound is the product for you. Pop a dab on your hands and massage into the hair. Throughout the day- one easy scrunch of your hair will revive your curls, plus the thermal protection keeps frizz at bay. Plus, we’re a big fan of the squeezable tube. 125ml for £9.45

Aveda‘s new Be Curly range is full of wheat and aloe vera that create the polished and defined look that you’re after. Our favourites are the Curl Enhancing Hair Spray whose flexible hold enhances curls and the Curl Controller which controls volume, combats frizz and lengthens and loosens curls for a more manageable head of hair. Hair Spray £17.50, Curl Controller £19.00


Having become part of every girl’s hair routine over the past few years- it now seems every brand has their own formula of dry shampoo. Never a fan of powdery spray, the by TIGI Catwalk Dry Transforming Shampoo has the consistency of hair spray and gives you the best results. Translucent, adds volume and smells great- just what you want. £11.85

John Frieda have also come to the table with their new Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo that turns your flat hair into looking like you’ve just had a professional blow dry. What’s more- it doesn’t leave your with heavy, product- full hair. 150ml for £5.89

One of our favourite botanical hair care brands- Klorane- whose Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a Notion favourite. Spray into your hair, wait two minutes and brush out- looks like you’ve just jumped out the shower with silky smooth, natural looking hair. It’s also known for being a big hit with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow. 150ml for £7.50


Styling hair can often be seen for girls who ‘do’ their hair. I’ve got nothing against that but I’m more of a dry-and-go kind of girl. That’s why products that are hassle free and work really well are always at the top of my list. TIGI Hair Reborn has created the Resurfacing Lusterizer which is the easy add on to frizzy hair that needs smoothing. Apply a small amout into dry or damp hair for luscious locks. £17.95 from Salons Nationwide.

Another easy to use product from the guys over at TIGI is the Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Salt Spray. It’s great because it adds that extra bit of texture hair is so often missing in colder weather, and makes it that much easier to achieved the tousled hair look whilst also controlling frizz and fighting humidity. 200ml for £12.70

Our last product on the list come from new discovery UNITE, their whole range is stocked in Harrod’s Urban Retreat. Our star product from the range is Tricky Spray which is 50% wax, 50% hair spray which means it’s the best hair product ever as it hold texture and definition all in one easy spray. Beautify loves! 110ml for £18.90

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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