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Club Beat #122: Review: Pacho & Pepo ‘Mouses EP’

Always on the look out for exciting artists, PlanetNotion recently discovered Pacho & Pepo, a duo producing and playing some deep, dark and techy sounds. Read on to find out what we thought of their recent ‘Mouses’ EP…

Bulgarian, producers, remixers and DJs, Pacho & Pepo create and play a wide range of music styles, from house and deep house to tech house and techno, all supported by groovy and funky elements layered over strong beats. During their musical journey, they have won several accolades, including Best Bulgarian DJ of The Year at the Bulgarian National DJ Awards 2010 and 2011. They also have their own radio show on Ibiza Global Radio. With support from artists such as Carlo Lio, Sergio Fernandez and Boris Brejcha, and releases on labels like Stereo Productions, Factomania and Soulman, Pacho & Pepo now aim to provide the breakthrough EP for their young imprint, Cloning Sound.

Pacho & Pepo’s Mouses EP is out on their label, Cloning Sound, which releases intelligent techno and tracks with deep tech vibes. The EP contains two tracks, Mouses and Higher And Higher.

Mouses creates a whirling and swirling soundscape of different elements, which is strengthened by a bass that swells and thuds below it. It mixes funky and raw percussion with a subtle melody and an ever so cool vocal sample (you can’t help but love a track that mentions Usain Bolt!). They instill a real sense of depth into this tech house tune.

Higher And Higher combines a rolling bass, syncopated percussive rhythms and monosyllabic vocal snippets processed in various interesting ways to form a dark, yet funky and fun, take on tech house. This EP certainly lives up to the label’s mantra, ‘music is the motive’ and that music must be deep, dark and techy.

Pacho & Pepo’s Mouses EP is available now on Cloning Sound.

Follow Pacho & Pepo on Twitter and find out more about Cloning Sound on their website.

- Ann Bartholomew

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