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Introducing our BOTW: The Flight

In an age where music is consumed in ever-smaller, more digestible, mp3-sized chunks, it’s always wonderful to see an act attach a little more ‘concept’ to their records. East London duo, The Flight – comprised of producers Joe Henson and Alexis Smith – have done this in spades on their debut EP, Hangman: a modern retelling of the grisly murder-folk balled ‘Pretty Polly‘. Across its four tracks, it deals firstly with the diabolical killing itself on the EP’s titular tune, before venturing further into the murderer’s psyche; from meeting his future victim, to the regretful spectre lamenting his ill deeds and the burdens they’ve brought him.

It’s a wonderfully engrossing first outing for Henson and Smith – who’ve previously written for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Björk and Chlöe Howl – but this piquing of interest isn’t solely rooted in the mysterious, macabre nature of the record’s subject matter; instead – quite possibly thanks to their years of songwriting experience – the songs themselves that appear on Hangman are written with a masterstroke of pop craft, albeit one that’s buried in dense, electronic worlds that texturally recall The Neighbourhood, Radiohead and The Antlers. Below, you can treat your eyes to the really quite creepy animated video for ‘Hangman’ – the EP’s lead track, which we raved about earlier this year:

As our current BOTW, we’ll be chatting to the pair this week about their particularly dark EP concept,  delighting your ears with an exclusive remix of a Flight track, and getting to know what makes them tick in a personally-curated playlist.

- Alex Cull

The Flight’s debut EP, Hangman, is available now on iTunes.

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