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Moodboard: Bo Bruce

Since appearing as a finalist on The Voice, uber talented, elfin singer/songwriter Bo Bruce been busy working on her debut album, Before I Sleep‘, set for release on Mercury Records on the 29th April. Bo has provided PlanetNotion with a fantasticly eclectic moodboard. Packed full of her favourite things, it offers a personal insight into Bo’s wonderous world. 

The Labyrinth

This is the greatest movie of all time. I watch it at least once a week – I think it’s kind of stuck in an old VHS player of mine. It’s everything I love. Bowie is electric and it has obviously got an epic soundtrack. It’s a dark and twisted fairytale where Bowie spends the entire movie in a pair of tights and strides about singing with a bunch of headless puppets.

Dark Crystal

This is the second greatest movie of all time; more puppets, less dancing but equally escapist. There’s a haunting little melody the main character, Jen plays on his flute that crops up in my head at the weirdest times –  it must of had a real effect on me as a kid. All hail Jim Henson.

Alexander McQueen


I missed the show at the MET when I was living in New York but I got given an amazing book that I flick through constantly. It’s so majestic and other worldly; McQueen is the dream.

Sigur Ros and Jonsi

I get so lost in their shows. Their use of light and visuals sort of pulses and breathes alongside the wash of noise they make, it’s like hypnotism or chanting. They are one of my greatest inspirations and this is one of the greatest music videos ever, by lead singer Jonsi’s partner.

The woods I grew up in


This is the only place in the world where I know exactly who I am. This is where I find my feet again. People always ask why I don’t get lost, it’s so vast in there. It’s probably because it’s always been a solitude; I know it like the back of my hand.

The Ians


Iain Banks and Ian McEwan; between the two of them, they’ve written some of the most fucked up and entertaining stuff I’ve ever read. If you haven’t read the wasp factory, go get it now

Coco Chanel


A revolutionary. In particular, she took traditionally male clothes and redesigned them for us girls. My mother was fascinated by her work and introduced me to her at a very young age.

Eliot Lee Hazel ( photgrapher) 


Gritty, cinematic and raw. He shot all my album artwork and he then went on to do Thom Yorke’s new project, Atoms for Peace. He introduced me to a spot in the middle of nowhere where I ended up shooting the video for my single “Save Me”, with his best friend, the director Maximilla Lukacs. It was like walking on another planet out there – they found that place and took me to see it. It’s magical.

My Mother


Everyone who met her was knocked sideways by her soul; she was universally adored. She really was the coolest, kindest, most loving and beautiful person in the world. She taught me how to live and how to be; I am me because of her.

- Abra Dunsby-Sircana

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