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BOTW Premiere: The Flight – ‘What a Waste’ (Oriol Remix)

On his remix of The Flight‘s ‘What a Waste’, Barcelona-born and Planet Mu-signed producer Oriol displaces the original’s rhythmic lurches, stripping the track down to its quivering, remorseful core. It all changes two minutes in though, as his mix is gradually overtaken by sinister synth bursts and chopped, skewed snippets of vocal meanderings.

While it’s certainly a bare-bones re-imagining of its source material, Oriol leaves in place what is the Hangman EP closer’s most important attribute: that sense of regret which permeates every reverberated inch of the track.

You can stream Oriol’s remix of ‘What a Waste’, below:

- Alex Cull

The Flight’s Hangman EP, which includes ‘What a Waste’, is available on iTunes now.

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