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News: Blake London’s bespoke jackets

Every guy needs a good jacket. It’s pretty much the male equivalent of the LBD, and as any girl knows, however many you have, there is always room for one more. Blake London is a new brand that is embracing this idea of the wardrobe staple and producing pieces of exceptional quality that have longevity of design and construction. What’s more, they’re made to order so each item is entirely unique and bespoke.

Blake is about sophisticated, masculine pieces that you can build your personal style on. Stemming from the belief that for guys it’s easier to fall back on a uniform of jeans and t-shirts (we know it’s true 90% of the time), they are hoping that by helping men build a library of substantial pieces in their wardrobe, they will begin to create their own personal style. This is why their jackets have the highest attention to detail and exquisite tailoring but also feature fun patterns, and a modern sense of youthfulness. In addition, the lining material was originally developed by NASA for use in space suits to help keep the wearer cool. The perfect combination of technology and fashion for every style.


- Allana Isaacs

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