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Introducing our BOTW: Jaws

While their Brummie peers – and tourmates – Peace and Swim Deep have been making a big noise recently, Birmingham four-piece Jaws have been gathering their fair share of whispers as B-town’s best-kept secret. Oh, and they’ve also been making a rather big noise, too.

Following on from the lush, mellifluous highs of their 2012 singles ‘Toucan Surf‘ and ‘Surround You‘, the quartet return this month with a new single, ‘Friend Like You‘; a wonderful crystallising of the young group’s sound replete with twin chiming guitars that run the gauntlet from accenting one another to clashing in a headlong brawl. Alongside ‘Friend Like You’, the Jaws boys will also be releasing a bumper EP in the form of Milkshake: a collation of the ‘Toucan Surf’, ‘Surround You’ and ‘Friend Like You’ singles, as well as their respective b-sides.

Much as the Milkshake EP celebrates the strides that Jaws have made over the course of the last year, we’ll be reveling in the glorious, syrupy strains of the Birmingham youngsters all this week on PlanetNotion. In the meantime, you can check out the pulsating electronics and buzz-saw guitars of ‘Surround You’, below:

- Alex Cull

Jaws’ Milkshake EP is released April 22 on Rattlepop.You can pre-order it here.

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