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Wolf Alice

New Track: Wolf Alice – ‘Bros’

Wolf Alice became one of North London’s most promising new bands in February with the release of their acclaimed single ‘Fluffy.’ The success of this aggressive pseudo-punk piece launched Wolf Alice into a series of live shows, a host of devotees, and a spot on BBC Radio One. The song’s gentle partner ‘White Leather‘ is the perfect counterbalance, demonstrating the band’s versatility and tonal range. It showed that these guys could be lovers and haters. Why not?

Their upcoming follow-up single ‘Bros’ is situated pleasantly between ‘Fluffy’ and ‘White Leather’ in terms of sound: energetic and exciting, but reminiscent and sentimental. Written by the band’s lead vocalist Ellie Rowsell, the song is an ode to a childhood friendship and the adventures so frequently embarked upon. So much of the song matches the lighting-quick tempo of a child’s imagination. However, the act of retrospect is inherently tragic. The lyrics describe the most meaningful and genuine of human relationships–all joy and no pretense–but it’s certain that this friendship did not prevail through adolescence and adulthood.

Bros by Wolf Alice

With a so far flawless track-record, Wolf Alice’s road to stardom is bound to continue uninhibited. They’ve got forthcoming live shows all throughout May and June, so catch them if you can. In the meantime, check out ‘Bros’ and the other tunes on Soundcloud. The official release date for ‘Bros’ is 20th May via Chess Club Records, but you can download it now.

-Chris Melville

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