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New Video: Theme Park – ‘Ghosts’

Following their lauded self-titled debut album released in February of this year and a triumphant headline UK tour, Theme Park have announced the release of new single ‘Ghosts’, accompanied by a brand new music video. Despite all of the gloomy, haunting implications of the title, ‘Ghosts’ is nothing but sunshine. This exceedingly bouncy tune kind of recalls the Bee Gees or… Hanson? That’s not to say that Theme Park are in anyway similar to these groups, they’re just similarly upbeat.

The video perfectly matches the outgoing tone of the music, with jammin’ band members, glorious pastel backgrounds, and lightening-quick editing. Actually, the editing is bonkers. It made me a little dizzy, but I’m prone to that anyway. The pace is entirely complimentary to the song, and the practice of dividing the screen up only contributes to the aforementioned bouncy quality. ‘Ghosts’ ain’t spooky; it’s summer; it’s dancing; it’s merriment.

Check out the video and feel better about your life and the fact that it’s always sunny when you’re in the office, and always raining when you’re outside. Theme Park (the album) is available now, and ‘Ghosts’ will be released on May 13. Theme Park will be touring across the UK and Europe pretty much all summer, so catch them if you can.

-Chris Melville

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