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Introducing our BOTW: The Thermals

A little over ten years ago, Thermals frontman Hutch Harris entered a small Portland studio by himself and thrashed out 13 slices of visceral, uncompromising lo-fi indie. The resulting record – which cost less than $60 to produce - More Parts per Million was an infinitely loose affair; one dominated by an abundance of cymbal hiss, trebly guitars and back-against-the-wall honesty. It certainly started something, though. In the decade that’s passed, Harris – along with the group’s sole other ever-present member, Kathy Foster – has crafted a sonic legacy with The Thermals: releasing ear-splitting love songs (2003′s Fuckin’ A, and particularly ‘A Stare Like Yours‘), politically-minded concept albums (2006′s much lauded The Body, The Blood, The Machine), and, more recently, sonically-polished inward glances (2010′s Personal Life).

This month sees the group’s sixth album - Desperate Ground, a return to The Thermals’ abrasive earlier years – and as such we’ll be celebrating the Portland trio’s first decade of decibel-bashing all week long on PlanetNotion. Check back over the next five days for an in-depth interview with Foster, alongside our thoughts on the rugged indie-punk of Desperate Ground and an exclusive playlist from the band charting the records that inspire them. In the meantime, here’s the video for most-recent single, ‘Born to Kill‘:

- Alex Cull

The Thermals’ Desperate Ground is released today via Saddle Creek. You can order it here.

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