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BOTW Video: The Thermals – ‘Born to Kill’

Earlier this year, our current BOTW – Oregon indie-punk trio The Thermals – entered a remote Portland nature park and shot what’s certainly one of the most grisly, raucous videos we’ve seen all year here at PlanetNotion. Full of toy guns and fake – or at least that’s what we’ve been told – blood, the resulting clip for ‘Born to Kill‘ tells the tale of an unapologetic serial killer (portrayed here by frontman Hutch Harris) finally getting his grisly comeuppance.

Disclaimer: Hutch Harris was not harmed in the making of this film. According to Thermals bassist Kathy Foster and the video’s co-director Jeff Rowles, the secret to creating the most realistic-looking faux blood is chocolate syrup… So, if anything, he was probably enjoying a taste sensation. Below, you can check out ‘Born to Kill’ in all its gory glory:

- Alex Cull

The Thermals’ Desperate Ground – which includes ‘Born to Kill’ – is available now on Saddle Creek. You can order it here.

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