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Moodboard: Heartsrevolution

With their mixtape ‘Revolution Rising‘ currently doing the rounds online and a new EP just round the corner, we asked Owsla and Kitsuné-signed, dance-punk duo Heartsrevolution to take us on a virtual tour of their vision for the ideal modern world. Suffice to say, they jumped at the opportunity, offering us on an insane journey into just what makes them tick and going as far as to provide us with an exclusive GIF:


Now that you’ve cast your eyes over that gem, enjoy the moodboard below:


“It is apparent that we are in massive need of REVOLUTION.”

2. Revolution Rising

“Here is a our new sing-a-long mixtape #RevolutionRising. Part social commentary, part rock & roll dance music. Enjoy!”

3. ‘Pop Heart’

“This video is dedicated to Mike Kelley. You might recognize his work from the cover of Sonic Youth’s Dirty. He liked to work with stuffed animals. So do we. Sadly, he lost his battle with depression last year when he took his own life.

4. Youth

“When you’re born in the US, it’s easy for most people to forget that lots of other people are born places where they aren’t granted the same civil liberties. The time is coming where people will be forced to realize that WE MUST unite as one.”

5. Heartschallenger

“Before there was Pussy Riot or Spring Breakers, there was Heartschallenger. We created a global army in 2006 as a call to arms for those who think outside of the box. It’s for those who believe in limitless possibilities and infinite potential regardless of race, class, gender, religion or sexual orientation.”

6. ‘Search and Destroy’

“This is one of our favorite new tracks. There is a line in the song that goes ‘I believe in the dreamers of the new revolution, it’s the fire that burns in you and the fire that burns in me, yeah!‘ Everything we do is for those dreamers!”

7. Pop Stars

“We created a graphic from an old firecracker box. It’s our take on Pop Stars that are created by The Machine and distributed worldwide.”

8. P.L.U.R.

“There is a rave motto, P.L.U.R: Peace Love Unity Respect. Here is our take on that; we changed the ‘Respect’ to Revolution! Peace + Love + Unity + Revolution.”

9. Grrrls

“It’s 2013 in a post-riot grrrl world and it’s awesome to see so many girls coming into their own but so many woman are still fighting for their rights worldwide.”

10. ‘Not That Hard to Explain’

“We recently made a couple of music videos. The first sampled one of our favorite Strokes songs ‘Hard to Explain’. Our version is titled, ‘Not That Hard to Explain’. It’s more of a mission statement than a music video. The video is full of metaphors and shows our dream of killing off all the “Tumblr-famous” hipsters. The lyrics and video speaks for themselves. Revolution! (or) Run.”

- Alex Cull

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