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BEAUTIFY: Meet the Doctor

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Dr Jackson- the doctor behind the new skincare products that are slowly but surely making their way into every editors favourites box. And rightly so, Dr Jackson’s natural cosmeceuticals come from his extensive (nineteen years!) research all over the world, most prominently Zimbabwe where he discovered the possible uses of the Baobab, Kigelia and Marula plants.

But his intentions are not to take advantage of these plants by exporting them to the Western world for their incredible skincare properties, the business is an ethical one and he plans to keep it that way by working with local communities.


At the moment the Dr Jackson products are the 01 Skin Cream with SPF 20 (a specialty of Dr Jackson)- made from Baobab, Kigelia, Shea and Marula- perfect for day time wear and protection. 02 Skin Cream that adds Frankincense and Mango seed to the signature Baobab, Kigelia- this product is good for overnight moisturisation thanks to the superior properties of the Mango seed extract paired with the anti-inflammatory and skin healing capabilities of the Frankincense.


The 03 Face Oil that makes up the full set of Dr Jackson products (only for the moment though, we had a small preview of what’s to come…). The face oil again uses the baobab that helps alleviate dry and damaged skin,  along with Marula oil, calendula and arnica- 100% natural products. This is a great product for a once a week use, or- if you’re a guy great for beard upkeep.

The creams are available both in amber bottles (the face oil comes an old school Pharmacy Dropper Bottle- which creates ‘the perfect sized drop’) and black screw-up pots- the later of which are more useful for traveling.

Look out for more on Dr Jackson in the June issue of Notion Magazine.



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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