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News: PUMA x Staple “Pigeon” Suede

In honor of PUMA Suede’s forty-fifth anniversary, PUMA is launching a series of special projects throughout the year. The first of many has just been announced: a collaboration with world-renowned streetwear brand Staple Design. Staple’s own iconic founder, jeffstaple, worked on the project himself, using suede that was made exclusively in Japan for the purpose of the Pigeon.

Fans of both brands will be excited by what the Pigeon has to offer. The maverick styles of Staple Design perfectly compliment the daring nature of the PUMA Suede, as both brands have made a point of disregarding fashion trends in the creation of new products. As jeffstaples said, “I don’t follow trends. Ever. I purposely mute myself to them.” Conventions stifle artistic creativity. This shoe is a prime example of what can happen when designers aren’t afraid to go their own way.

The PUMA x Staple Pigeon Suede is on sale 3 May from Hanon and End. Supplies are very, very limited, but that only adds to its exciting desirability.


-Chris Melville

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